Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Keepin' Up

Excitement for the inaugural was high aboard Pelagic. We talked about renting a motel room to watch the ceremony on TV, but ended up watching on the Times website. Woke up at 3:15 am to catch it live from the boat, which is still anchored in Iluka. Quality was very good, the connection only crashed a handful of times. Elias woke up after the oath of office and I missed watching Obama's speech because I was getting the little fellow back to sleep.

Interesting how election night was so much more electric, how there was a sense of lightning caught in a bottle that night that was missing from the more anticipated ritual of inauguration.

I'll let others plow the ground of how Obama has arrived in office at such an opportune moment, and how, at least for now, we can see a new picture of American discourse, free from the poison of Rovian cynicism.

For now, I'll just ask, re. Roberts' swearing-in gaffe: is he still miffed because Barack voted against his confirmation?

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  1. However, here in the states, on good ole cape cod, it felt electric, at least to me. like something finally happened - I sat in the public library and watched with people, and we all clapped when he was sworn in. Then I high-tailed it to Super Lube for an oil change on the car, and everyone was watching the speech there, too - I sat with the oil change guys listening to the speech - it was a thrill. It was a community event. Everyone was smiling. As the BBC reporter said tonight on "The World" the american economy is now under 'adult supervision'. as well as everything else - thank all goodness, too.