Monday, March 9, 2009

Iluka Bummer

Well, we stayed a few extra nights in the holiday unit to finish up all the work we wanted to do on Pelagic. We finally moved back on board today, but it turned out that was a couple days too late.

Yesterday, coming down to the beach, I saw that the oars had been stolen from the dinghy. I swam out to Pelagic, towing the dinghy, and retrieved the outboard and spare oars from the mother ship. Last night I carefully locked the boat and motor to the pier with our trusty cable, and I took the oars back to the holiday unit as a precaution.

This morning, I found that the cable had been cut, and our new outboard stolen.


In a twist, the oars were retrieved on a skiff that a trawler found floating on the harbor. The motor, though, we have little hope of seeing again.

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