Sunday, May 17, 2009


I always maintained that when you drove into Anchorage, Alaska, you could hear a giant sucking sound on the outskirts of the city - the sound of all the jobs that pulled people in from elsewhere in Alaska, and kept them from moving away. The "Anchorage vortex", I called it.

Well, we've discovered a similar phenomenon in Mooloolaba.

"How do we end up spending time in places like this?" I asked Alisa.

To see what I mean, check out these two views of Mooloolaba taken from Pelagic.

Now compare with our view in Iluka.

Much more our style.
But, it must be said that Mooloolaba is very convenient for taking care of life chores. And it's also an easy place to keep Elias entertained, with a great beach and a veritable cornucopia of nearby playgrounds. So we've been taking care of a few life chores, and boat chores, and making the best of it.
Tomorrow (Monday) we will have been here a week. We will finish up with our chores for the moment, and on Tuesday we'll be free to hop up the coast to the nearest reasonable cruising, in the Great Sandy Straits. And, spot on schedule, on Tuesday the gentle southerly winds that have been blowing are forecast to be replaced with 20-30 knot northeasterlies, making a run north to the Great Sandy Straits unlikely.
So, we've been vortexed. No sailing for us for a while, just more time in this unlikely harbor.

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  1. May as well take a trip to the Sunshine Coast Brewery, then :-)