Friday, May 11, 2012


Yesterday was the launch for South From Alaska.

This is the first thing that I saw when I showed up at the bookshop - the sign out front advertising the event.  (Notice the author's name!).  A less resilient person might have seen a bad omen...

But it went great.  We had a fine turnout, and the response was good.  I spoke for about 25 minutes, showing images from our trip and reading passages from the book.

You could look at an event like this as a bit of a chore, but I decided at the outset that I would just enjoy the authorial moment of it all - the chance to read a bit of the book to an audience, and to be in a room full of readers, and to just celebrate the book.

And that's pretty much what it was.


  1. Dear Simon,

    SO nice to see all the pictures of the book launch. My favorite is of you signing your book with a line of readers waiting for their turn. Love, Mom

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