Sunday, September 23, 2012


So Elias has been stepping in the role of dinghy driver on our school holiday sail.  He still hasn't tried landing at the beach or alongside Galactic, but he's with practice he's gotten pretty good at steering a reasonably straight course.

What he mastered instantly, though, was requisite expression - that quintessential half-squint/half scowl that appears on the face of every crusty guy in Alaska who is driving an outboard.

How did a six-year-old come up with such convincing bags under his eyes?

And then there's the question of my expression.  This picture was taken while we were reefed down and heeled over and beating into a spitting rain.  And, who knew, but it seems that I need just the tiniest bit of hardship to make me really happy.

That might explain a lot.


  1. I LOVE THIS POST. That photo of Elias the hardened old salt is worth 10,000 words, but you describe the Look to a tee. My, it looks so cold though! x

  2. Thanks, guys. Yes, a bit cold, though we remind ourselves that it's no Kodiak...