Thursday, July 16, 2015

Poppin' the Dom

We drew a new line on our globe today.

That's the inflatable globe that hangs above the chart table on Galactic.

It has every one of our passages around the Pacific drawn on it - the Pelagic years in black and the Galactic years in red. Today we added the line from Valdivia, our landfall in Chile, to Puerto Williams, the southernmost town in the world. We're tied to the Micalvi, a half-sunk supply ship built in the 1920s that serves as the tie-up for yachts here - "the uttermost yacht club in the world".

And north of us - the entire length of Patagonia. Every line that we draw on the globe merits a celebration, is a little testament to another grand adventure for the family. This one is no different and we dug out a bottle of champagne from the bottom of the fridge when we drew the line.

Going south in Patagonia during the winter turned out to be a complete joy. We went faster than we would have over the last wonderful month, spurred on by considerations outside Patagonia. As always, we get what time we can.

If we're lucky enough, we hope to have another stint of sailing in Fireland during the coming Austral spring and summer.

For now, we're in that sudden transition of being temporarily done, having given up the dreamlike state of being forever on the move through fantastic terrain. We're starting to come to grips with what is on offer in this place, what it will give us and ask of us in return.

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