Sunday, September 20, 2015

El Niño in the South

Alisa shovels.  Eric "helps"
For a while I've been wondering what a strong Niño might mean for winds during our coming summer in the South Atlantic.

I haven't found any information about that.  But we seem to be having one effect already - we're enjoying an incredibly snowy spring in Puerto Williams.

People tell us that snow in September is rare down here, and we're having snowy day after snowy day.  Which is exactly the weather we would choose for what is odds-on to be our only season in Puerto Williams.

We don't have skis, which would really put things over the top.  But someone did lend us a sled, which the boys are predictably delirious over.  And recess during the school week has devolved into father-sons snowball fights on the Micalvi.

Every day, it seems, we awake to a fresh dump.  Alisa has been impressing our neighbors with her assiduous shoveling of the deck.  We figure it's the Alaskan thing to do - we are the people who shovel snow.

Summer seems improbably far away.  And that's fine with us.

Below - cowabunga!

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