Thursday, May 11, 2017

On Our Feet

Transient dock, Honokohau Harbor
Just a note to say that we have absolutely landed on our feet in Hawai'i.

The Mothership is in a transient slip that is operated by the State of Hawai'i and costs us all of $8 USD a day. Granted that we had to bring our own yacht, but aside from that I can't imagine a better deal for a waterfront holiday home in Hawai'i.

There is a little beach on one side of the marina, and a bigger beach on the other side, liberally sprinkled with basking green turtles, that is a part of a National Historical Park.

We have had a series of great interactions with very friendly locals - people coming down to the boat with produce from their gardens, or offering us rides, or just to chat.

It's been a great place to make our first tentative dip into the home country.

Now if we could only figure out that pesky detail of foreign interference in our elections...

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  1. Now that is a truly strange and wonderful sight–Galactic tied up at a dock by what look like condominiums! Back in the USA....bravo, all of you. What a magnificent journey, and the reward of a new frypan for Alisa speaks volumes for your sense of proportion! Yes, be patient with the ways of landlubbers. And don't panic. Before long, you'll be checking your phone several times a day without breaking into a sweat. With that magnificent re-entry to Polynesia, and American beer (really, you like that stuff?) on board, and your good-hearted local help, you've got the ingredients of a fine homecoming.