Friday, September 7, 2018

Home Port

The map of what we did. Numbers indicate the number of seine sets made in each bay.

Under sail at the entrance to Kaguyak Bay.

Galactic at anchor in Rodman's Reach, with the wonderfully hospitable Lazy Bay cannery in the background.

The ship's people on the plane in Akhiok. Next stop, Kodiak, their grandmother, and a new school year.
God, how I love raising Alaskan kids.
Fox Bay
Bluff Point
The Rose 

Reefed down and sailing fast. Oh yes, and my 50th birthday.
Port Wrangell at the end of a windy windy day
Port Wrangell
High energy beach
The 40-knot blow
Picking berries, Kujulik Bay
The fruit of the land

More berry picking. Agripina Bay.
Butchering Dungeness

We got home a week ago.

Inevitably, we immediately got caught up in the swirl of town life. It's peak harvesting season here in the Gulf of Alaska. Berries need to be picked, fish caught, deer stalked. And if there's any time left before the rains return, house and boat could both use maintenance. Oh yes, and there's third and seventh grade to attend to, and the demands of careers that seem to forever need one thing or another from us.

This is a rich life, and one chapter always seems to be stepping on the toes of the one that came before. So no recap of the summer work just now. I'll get to that *soon*, along with some more about the actual biology we were doing. For now I'll just say that fitting two months of boat life into a town year seems to be a hell of a lot more work than full time boat living was, but we're all four of us ever so glad we did it.

Deer hunting up high. Elias wasn't so impressed by the number of does and fawns we saw (15) vs. the numbers of bucks (1).


  1. Stupendous photos, and what a sweet thing you've made of life back in Alaska, all of you. Not without effort, understood. Good luck for the school year, Elias and Eric, and may your parents continue to provide you with this best of all possible childhoods. They seem to enjoy doing so!

    1. Thanks,'re always invited for a visit!

  2. Do you ever find any glass balls on the beach in Alaska?

  3. Hello Mike and Alisa - I've been meaning to catch up for ages. I've just read the last few of your entries and you are certainly living the Alaskan life in all its glory. We are a bit envious as we are quite literally stuck in suburbia. The boat is tucked neatly in on he Columbia River, which is not a very exciting place to sail, but we have dreams of taking her out again in a few years (Mike is dreaming of a Northwest passage). We'd love to catch back up with you, if only electronically. I don't think I have a land email for you guys. If you get a chance, send me a quick note with your contact info. I know you are busy now, so just the contact info would be great. I can fill you in our year and you can get back to me when the long Alaskan nights provide a little more down time.

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