Friday, July 1, 2011

First Steps, Second Child

Eric spends most of his time in the little runway between settee and table, which we have made as baby-friendly as we could by adding cushions that we robbed from various spots in the saloon.  The other day Alisa looked down at him as he was ricochetting around and noted that he wasn't holding onto anything for a moment or two.

-Oh wow, there it is, she said.  First steps.

The event encapsulates everything that is different for this second child.  Elias' first steps were a moment of joy for everyone in the family, and we interacted with him throughout, cheering him on and kneeling down, arms held wide, to give him a target to aim at.

Eric, meanwhile, might have taken his first unassisted steps a week earlier, for all we know - we just happened to glance at him at the right moment in the ongoing tornado of our day spent keeping ahead of the demands of two kids, the boat, travel and work and noticed that he was walking...

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