Wednesday, August 24, 2011


A lot of sailors dislike two-day passages.  Just when you're getting over the initial sleep deprivation and seasickness - wham, the passage is over, and you miss out on the dreaming-while-awake feeling that comes after a week of good sailing. 

But our two-day passage from Tahanea to Tahiti was wonderful.   The sea was so gentle - check out the flat water in this picture, and the nappies flapping in the languid breeze.

Elias spent hours pretending to fish from the back deck.  And there was enough breeze to keep Galactic moving between six and eight knots, which kept Alisa and me smiling.

It was calm enough for Alisa to hold a school session both mornings.

And I got to fiddle with the sails to keep us moving along.

And then, right on schedule, we made landfall.

Too easy!


  1. I just LOVE that you are able to post these incredible pics along the way on your trip. wow. What picture perfect ocean, skies and SMILES!!!
    hugs, Zoya

  2. So great to see all your smiles, adventures and nappies in the breeze!! ;) Can't wait to see you in person. Happy belated birthday too Eli, MA xox