Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Weeks

This Saturday night finds us anchored just inside Pass Teavatapu, Tahanea Atoll. Tomorrow morning we catch slack water to exit the pass, and though for a while we planned sailing north to Fakarava Atoll, we will in fact turn west and steer for Tahiti. So we're leaving the Tuamotus behind, after two weeks spent in this one atoll, one of our very favorite places in the world.

Elias had a great fifth birthday yesterday, as we were able to round up four other kids to form a quorum for a proper party on a motu beach in the southeast corner of the atoll. There were a few adult-organized games, and lots of time for the kids to just mess around on their own, and pizza and quiche for lunch, and a cake, although the candles could not be successfully lit in the tradewinds, and then an extended bought of swimming in the turquoise water. Elias might not remember it for the rest of his life, but Alisa and I likely will.

We met some wonderful people here, and felt very lucky to see Tahanea again. But now the excitement of moving on is with us, and we are considering the long road that still stretches westward.

Pictures and more details once we return to internet land.

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