Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cow's Milk

Eric is growing into a little boy. His vocabulary is exploding and he has begun to have a sense of himself. He wants to see his own photo on our digital camera and makes silly faces when we take his picture. He doesn't know it but his second birthday is in 6 weeks.
Eric smiling for himself
Sailing with infants and young children is unique on many levels. Initially, we were nearly overwhelmed by the concerns we had about sailing to Australia with baby Elias. Although it was five years ago, I still remember our family doctor in Kodiak, Alaska, saying to us with a huge smile: "Don't worry, all you need is breastmilk". He then proceeded to help us with our extensive medical kit.

But the first reaction he had was true - breastmilk solved most of our child-related problems.  With Eric aboard, breastfeeding gained more glory as it helped with his seasickness.  We knew Eric was being hydrated and nourished with the liquid gold and he also took great comfort through the process.
Taking good care of Eric while sailing across Bass Straits in February.
When we arrived in Hobart last month, I introduced cow's milk to Eric and slowly began to wean him. And now he only asks for [and gets] cow's milk. Eric seems to be doing fine with the transition and the timing is perfect with Galactic in the boatyard and us living elsewhere for a few more days.

We have 9 to 10 months before our next ocean crossing to New Zealand. While there's every expectation that Eric will struggle to find his sea legs again, he will be closer to age 3 and by that time we should have some new tricks up our sleeve.
Eric's pleased to sail despite the occasional nausea.

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