Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Hard

For a sailor, being in a boat yard is being "on the hard".

We're on the hard right now - today was the second day of a one- or two-week haul-out for Galactic.

We're renting a house in South Hobart so that we don't have to live on the boat in the yard.  The boys seem to be startled by all the indoor space that is suddenly open to them - they spend most of their time in the house running around like larrikins.

Eric sleeps in a closet because we were afraid he would tip over his crib anywhere else.  The little fella continues to not find himself short of energy.

Our favorite phrase to describe boatyard work comes from a Google translation of a French sailor's blog - "humping it like a convict".  This is what I look like after a full day of humping it like a convict.  

Only one or two weeks minus two days to go!

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