Saturday, December 29, 2012

The End of an Era

Every great streak comes to an end.

Elias has sailed something like 25,000 miles in his life - we don't really keep track of the total distance we've covered. In all our time sailing he has never once complained of feeling seasick, no matter the state of wind and sea. He eats no matter how rough it is, he reads books in his bunk up forward even when the waves have him experiencing zero gravity every twenty seconds, and through it all he has never admitted to feeling the slightest bit green.

I have often bragged about his iron stomach. I have accepted it as one of the few constants in our peripatetic family life.

But - and of course you saw this coming - it's all finished now. He is no longer perfect, in this one little sense. He is just another flawed human being, like all the rest of us.

On the trip from Recherche Bay to Port Davey, Elias admitted to feeling a bit queasy down in the cabin, and had to come up into the cockpit to feel better.

Of course, his brother was much worse off - poor Eric vomited three times in the 12 hour trip. So though Elias broke his streak, he was still doing quite well in comparison.


Meanwhile, we're happily ensconced in Port Davey. Eric is completely better. We have explained the reasoning behind the ban on fishing in the National Park to Elias about 20 times. And tomorrow our friend M-A flies in to join the crew.

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  1. poor eli! but maybe it was just the change from landlubbing to seafaring again... meanwhile, we have an extended family since dec 29 .anne gave birth to a boy, whose name is paul. all is well!

    1. hey Paul - Greatest news, and a great name for the little fellow. Hugs to all of you...