Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Happiest Kid In the Entire World Is Closely Related To Me

We bought Elias his first fishing rod this week.  

It was a reward for good behavior.

We have a system - when he's really good, he gets a "rainbow card".  When he's particularly bad, he loses a rainbow card.  When he accumulates ten rainbow cards, he gets a reward.  Like a fishing rod.

(We're stingy with the rainbow cards.  It took him months to accumulate ten.)

You've never seen a kid so happy to have his first fishing rod.

On his second day with the rod, it happened - his first fish.  He'll likely never be happier than he was right at this moment.

Not only was he happy, he was also out of our hair as we worked at getting the boat ready for the coming season.  Shoulda gotten him a rod long ago, I thought to myself.

But then I had to unhook three fish this morning before he went to school.  I was a good sport about it.  But I think the novelty might be fading for me.


  1. Congrats on getting your first fish!!

  2. Fishing-as-hobby is easier on a parent than cricket - and you can do it on a boat! Strategic parenting at its best. Nice coat too. You all look so happy! Must be salt in the air. Your Istanbul correspondents send their love.

  3. Such fun reading this post. It looks like Elias has inherited the Litzow fishing gene. His grandfather and his great Uncle Ken will be so pleased!

  4. I can't wait until we're out of the dubious Derwent Estuary and can start eating the fish!