Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sailors' Delight

You know a passage is coming up when I start posting pictures of the weather forecast.
We just got a call from a friend in Kodiak, asking when we might be setting out from Hawai'i on this final leg of our trip, and would we be interested in a party when we arrive. (Thanks, Debra!)

In a way that's the first tangible (is a call tangible?) sign of our fairly imminent arrival.

I'm sure that I'll get excited when the time comes. But right now Kodiak still seems too far away to get worked up over.

What I am excited about - in a very visceral way - is the forecast that I looked at this morning (above). The classic summer North Pacific pattern seems to be setting up, at least for a day. That circle in the isobars at the middle of the basin is the North Pacific High, and the circle around western Alaska is the Aleutian Low. And it's pretty easy to imagine how the winds those two pressure centers are spinning up might waft a boat every so delightfully from Kona to Kodiak.

After what has been, by any reasonable measure, a lot of passagemaking over the last decade, I find that I get this nearly sensual anticipation over the possibility of a good one.

We'll see what transpires.

Alisa had the sewing machine out to work on the sails and whipped out this holder for Elias' trolling lures at the end of the day. The lures were given to Elias by a very kind local fisherman in the sport charter trade. (Thanks, Sean!)


  1. I think all sailors check the weather charts at least twice a day (be it land held or sea fairing types). Once to see what is happening and the second time in the day to see if what they thought the weather would do had actually happened. I think if work were to look at my internet usage they would see the weather sites had a big hit then a couple of blogs that I follow have it second. Every time I look at the weather I only do so for a sailing point of view rather than to see if there is going to be any rain. Amazing how your life changes when you buy a sail boat.

    I will be honest I am not looking forward to you becoming land lubbers again. Your part the reason I got into sailing in the first place. I felt the boys have grown up as part of my life so I will miss the adventures until they start to move around on their own and find their own sea legs. I know it's not over for you guys but when you say returning home it seem's like it is.

    Peace and fair winds


    1. Hey Paul - thanks for that. It's really satisfying to hear from people who have found the blog worthwhile over time.