Tuesday, June 13, 2017


So...to bed late and up early. That certainly doesn't change.

One difference from a very big day almost 10 years ago is that now we use our internet connection to get a final hi-def weather download onboard before we go.

But aside from that little detail, and bigger details like having a crew of four instead of three, I am very struck by the symmetry of this moment and its bookend.

The prospect of sailing to Alaska is nearly as exciting as the prospect of sailing to Australia.


  1. Fair winds, all,

    The other R2AK left PT on Saturday. O knots in the morning, 50 in the afternoon! Hope you are able to stay closer to the median!

  2. Our exciting prospect is leaving Australia on a small steel boat! Can't wait! Every time I set foot on Hawkeye, either to do work or go for a sail. I realise just how much closer I am to untying the dock lines for the last time in the home port. Enjoy your passage.