Friday, April 22, 2011

The Last Two Days

-Just to prove to ourselves that we're making progress, Alisa said.

-That was so good, I'm licking the glass, she added.  Should we have another?  Might as well make it a double.  Before the ice melts.  We'll have to open some more tonic.

-Oh, no, she said.  The tonic is under all this stuff?

-OK, should we start with today and then do yesterday?  List everything that we've done?

-I'm ready, I said.

-OK. Well.  Today we:

  unloaded the U-haul (35 boxes of personal effects shipped from Australia)
  loaded 35 boxes of personal effects onto Galactic
  tinned the ends of the cables going into the course computer for the new autopilot
  flaked down, packed and stowed the series drogue
  had the radar guy on board to splice in the new radar cable
  lashed in the rode for the stern anchor
  took the radar guy out on the estuary to tune the radar
  unpacked all 35 boxes of personal effects shipped from Australia
  returned the U-haul
  took the new stern anchor drogue to the rig shop for a splice
  walked three miles round trip to the hardware store
  sealed up the old and new radar cable holes in the stern arch
  drilled out the remaining holes in the new radar tower
  tied guy wires onto the new radar tower
  mounted the new junction box on the radar cable (ok, I haven't done that yet, but will do before I sleep)
  mounted the life sling
  began stowing the 35 boxes of personal effects

-Is that all? I said.

-Is that all? Alisa said.  Isn't that enough?  And yesterday we:

  picked up the u-haul
  found a mechanic to come out and investigate the low oil pressure
  cleaned the air filter on the diesel
  topped up the oil on the diesel
  pumped out some oil after over-filling the diesel
  rode the bike over to the metal shop to have the new radar mount drilled out to accept the radar cable
  listened to the metal shop guy throw a tantrum when asked to drill out the new radar mount to accept  
     the radar cable
  had the autopilot guy on to
  took the boys to the playground
  drove the u-haul around Oakland, completely lost, with Elias, looking for the warehouse where our 35
     boxes of personal effects were waiting for us
  baked muffins
  went to the grocery store
  pulled the radar cable through the new hole in the new radar mount, mounted the radar on the new  
     radar pole, ran the new radar cable through the stern arch, then through the aft cabin, to join up with
     the old radar cable
  made two trips to the chandlery
  talked to the battery charger technician about why the new battery charger won't switch to equalize

-OK, I said.  I think that's enough.

-Oh, but, Alisa said.  The day actually began with me sewing the bimini, since I was sewing until three
  am the night before.

-Right, I said.  And there was the creepy guy in the trench coat who was stalking you when you were
     walking back to the boat at three am.  Should I put that in there?


-OK, I think that's enough.

-That's enough.

 Alisa and the new bimini.

 Mike and the old radar.

Elias and 35 boxes of personal effects shipped from Australia.

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  1. Haven't you guys got some pictures you need to print out, or some drycleaning to do? Tomorrow... Heroic effort on the bimini, Alisa, not to mention the Thirty-Five Boxes. Don't stint on the G and Ts!
    Diana xx