Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Could it be?

Tomorrow, we have agreed, would be as good a day as any to begin our sail to Australia.


  1. Oh la la. We'll be following your passage across the Pacific very closely, and wishing you fair winds. You're an inspiration, Team Galactic.

    Much love,
    Diana xx

  2. Fair wind and safe passage! Elias, make sure you look after Eric....after all he's only a LITTLE dude who hasn't done this before.Keep an eye on Mum and Dad and promise to get a lot of smiles and laughs from them. I'm looking forward to your story of the trip. Are you keeping a diary? Might be great fun to read in a few months?
    Hugs, kisses and high fives (as appropriate)!

  3. Now that it is a day after the tomorrow of which you wrote, did you, indeed set sail for the big blue? Be well, safe and happy, with fair winds for your journey!


  4. Safe journey. We are eager to hear about your adventures and the animals you see. Gail

  5. Hurrah!!! Safe and wonderful journey. We miss you guys! BIG HUGS and lots of love. Shiway, Dave & Emma