Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yacht Jewelry

One of our rallying cries during this period of boat prep has been, 'It's cheaper here than in Australia'.  Whenever we consider whether we should get something for the boat now or wait for a year or so, we tend to get it now, since the current exchange rate means that boat gear will be so much more expensive once we get to Oz.

But at times recently we've find ourselves getting carried away, and bringing shiny yacht jewelry aboard Galactic.  A good example is the gaudy new radar mount that I'm holding in the picture above - way too shiny and expensive for something that just needs to serve as a plate to bolt the radar to!  When I found myself installing this thing I realized that we had let ourselves get sucked into the nonsensical, money-pit side of California yachting.

Definitely time to go sailing!

The good news is that we are getting close.  The boat is still disorganized, and it would be great to get 500 pounds of stuff off of her, but the job list is getting very short.  Which means that it's days, not weeks, until we start the trip to Australia.

The decks of Galactic are big enough to give Purple Pony a run.

The new whisker pole, ready for some tradewind sailing.


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