Saturday, May 14, 2011

Clearance Granted

Let me tell you, we're tired.  We're cranky, we're short with each other.  And three of us are sick.

Meanwhile, Eric's piercing scream, which variously means that he's happy, or unhappy, or neither, has gotten so bad that all of the rest of us, Elias included, have begun wearing hearing protection at mealtimes.  Really, it is that bad.

Although we have repeatedly despaired over ever seeing our departure day arrive, the job list is getting short enough that we now realize that the blessed day of sailing away from all this prep work will finally dawn.  And it's close - we have our zarpe, the official clearance out of the country for Galactic, and hurricane season begins in two days.  It's clearly time to be leaving.

We got a huge boost in the form of a recent visit from both of our moms.  They stayed in a hotel right next to the dock and took care of the kids so that we could work on the boat.

Elias got two trips to the San Diego zoo out of the deal.  Here he is with some of his swag.  With boat clutter being the eternal enemy, we make him get rid of something old when new toys like this come aboard.  

And... that's all for now.  I've got to get some sleep.

The view from up the stick.

Alisa installing lifeline netting - drill, baby, drill!

Provisioning the boat some time after midnight.


  1. Ahhh, I remember you writing about Elias' piercing scream. This will pass; keep the faith. Take care, folks.

  2. Courage!!!! I remember when Marwan was sometimes crying at night, keeping all the ponton awake in Le Marin, Martinique. We had to walk with him to make him silent. Sometimes, I was so worried that I wanted to go to the emergency department. We were so upset that we argued with Hicham. They are all the same, and it is not easy on a boat...

  3. Fare forward, Sailors, and fare well! Love to all aboard Galactic, Joan/Mom