Tuesday, May 3, 2011


April 29th was Eric's first birthday.  We celebrated on the hook in Half Moon Bay.

The next morning we left on the overnight sail to Morro Bay.  The weather we found was like this:

Not really bad, but certainly sloppier than we would have liked.

The boys reacted like this:

Note Eric in particular - completely sacked out.  When he woke up, he ate and vomited.  And then ate and vomited.  Four times all told, completely emptying his stomach each time.  As you might imagine, this was very tough for both parent and child.

It's now apparent that Eric gets seasick.  Given our experience with Elias, this is a possibility that we hadn't even considered.  And it's a development that might have significant implications for our plans.  We have to figure that out very quickly.

Meanwhile, we've had a great twenty hours in Morro Bay.

We're tied up next to the harbor patrol office, where our friend Becka works.  We caught up with her and Mike and their family last night.  Here's the two dads with the combined mob:

And now, we're off for San Diego.  Unfortunately, more sloppy weather is forecast for today and tonight... we'll see how Eric does!

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  1. i feel sorry for little eric. but i am sure he will eventually get into it, it couldnt be otherwise with the amount of salt that should be running in his bloodstream...
    i remember first meeting you in morro bay. it seems like only yesterday but at the same time ages ago!
    take care guys, good luck with the seasickness!
    love from holland