Saturday, May 21, 2011

Settling In

Well, I have to look at the log to see how many days since we left San Diego - four, it turns out. We're currently about 350 nautical miles west of Baja California, heading southwest ever as quickly as we can - at seven or seven and a half knots.

Eric vomited the first two mornings out, giving us all sorts of worry. His uncertain status, along with a poor choice about following coastal winds along the Baja, kept us closer to shore than we should have been and cost us a day or two of traveling.

I was also sick, puking my guts out for the first couple of days - less of a worry, as we knew I would come right, but not a lot of fun, nonetheless.

Luckily, Eric was just sick twice and has been completely fine since.

We're spending a lot of time caring for the two kids and settling into this long long passage. Hopefully the joy of ocean sailing will soon be ours.

By the way, I hear that our online tracking service (link at right) still has our identifier, KL2DM, listed as Pelagic. Don't be fooled!


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  1. wow! y'all are bookin' it! glad the two Es are well,