Thursday, June 7, 2012

Book Raffle

I've got a few publicity copies of South From Alaska from the publisher.  What to do with them?

Well, I figure that since the book is published only in Oz, it might be nice to give readers outside the Lucky Country a chance to get a hold of a copy.  So I'll try an experiment here, and give a copy away.  If you're interested, send an email to, with the word "book" in the subject line.  Anyone, from Australia or elsewhere, is free to have a go.

One week from today - let's see, that's next 19:24 on Thursday, the 14th, Hobart time - I'll use a random number generator to choose from the entrants.  Postage is on me.  And don't worry, of course I won't put your email on the blog or anything like that - I'll just identify the winner by first name and city.

If this experiment works, I'll give a copy away every month until they're gone!

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