Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've often thought that one of the few real drawbacks of this long-term travel of ours is that we see family so infrequently.

So it was a great treat to have my dad in town last week.  He was on a quick visit to Australia, mostly spent driving around to see the various rellies in Queensland, but managed to get down here for a couple of days.

The boys were very excited, and even Eric seemed to remember him, which I guess means that our Christmas visit in Iluka wasn't all that long ago.

A while ago I was saying to Alisa that we should try to get back to the States every year to see family.  But if nothing else, the cost of four tickets looks to make that idea unrealistic.  So it's a real treat every time that someone from the family makes it all the way over here to see us...

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