Sunday, February 5, 2012


We dropped the hook in Maria Island today, just before dinner time.  A year ago, almost to the day, Alisa and the boys flew out of Hobart to meet me in California and start life on board our new ride.  

It feels like we've completed the circle.  Last time we sailed to Tasmania, Maria Island was a key spot - one of the first places we stopped in Tasmania, and one of the first places where we would get a feel for how friendly people in Tasmania can be.  It took 9933 nautical miles of sailing to get back here from California. 

We had the strongest winds of the entire trip today.  And today was the only time in the whole Pacific crossing when I was nervous while sailing.  More about that shortly.   For now, the gale has broken in earnest and we're glad to be in a secure anchorage.  More tomorrow, after a decent night's sleep.


  1. Well done! Get some rest. Admire the fortitude.

  2. Welcome back to the beautiful state, take it easy and enjoy the remainder of the trip to Hobart.