Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back in the swim of things

The other day my friend asked me if I felt like I was back in the swing of land-life. I said, No, that I would have to first get Elias into school and then start swimming again before I could reclaim the Hobart lifestyle.

And it was this morning, after walking Elias to school that I finally got myself wet and swam laps for the better part of an hour. Let me just say that it felt GOOD. My strokes are slow and I felt a bit clumsy, but it was great to have the exercise and quiet mind space that swimming allows. And how fabulous to swim without fear of sharks!! Oh, those long solo swims in the Marqueses when I would jump from the deck of Galactic and swim to shore - my mind occupied with lurking sharks that surely knew of my presence in their underwater domain.

Penhryn Atoll, Cook Islands, was a place I was NOT tempted to swim.
We always had at least 6 large sharks cruising around Galactic's hull.

After I swam laps I took Eric for a swim. Watching him splash around in the shallows, I began to appreciate what it will be like for us to share one-on-one time without an older sibling ruling the roost. Eric had a blast and learned to say "Mommy Errak swim!"

Here's Mommy and Eric - not at the pool but having fun in Tasmania!

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