Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maria Island Revisited

In less than a week we'll be in the hustle and bustle of Hobart, so we are savoring these remaining days of our 10-month passage that began in San Fransisco, CA.  Our arrival at Maria Island, TAS, marks the end of our overnight passages, and it feels really good to be here in this beautiful spot, anchored safe and sound. The three days across Bass St. had some headwinds, some seasick moments for little Eric, and some crazy cargo ship routes for the cook to navigate around at 0200.  Since we will not have another passage (presumably) until next summer, I wanted to post these every-day pictures from the crossing of Bass St.

Eric wakes up and yells 'coloring!'.   Elias is also happy to draw and create. 

Eric feeling much better, on the lookout for albatross. Notice his green 'sea band' on wrist.

Reading away the morning...don't we look fresh!

Cpt. Mike at the wheel

Reading away the day...perhaps not as fresh in the arvo (!). Notice Dad in earplugs. 

Skink alert!
The last two days we have been enjoying some family walks ashore on Maria Island.  This is the place that we first spotted wombats two years ago. Elias made a map for our trip ashore and today he used the reptile key to identify a skink that we saw – it was the first time he did that solo and got the answer right!  We were also on the lookout for kangaroos, which Eric calls 'kangaROO, up down'.
Elias, homemade map in hand, leading the way.
A fantastic day ashore!


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