Monday, July 30, 2012

40 Knots

This is the team the other night on board Peregrine, Leiv Poncet's boat.  He very kindly has us over for dinner and we had a great time for about an hour and a half, before an Eric meltdown loomed and we had to retreat home.

An enjoyable hour and a half on someone else's boat at dinner time - that's the gold standard when you have two-year-old crew.

Leiv is the guy who is taking a breather here in Tassie after sailing the leisurely Falklands-S. Africa-Crozet-Kerguelan-West Australia-Tasmania route.

I hear that trip really used to be something, back in the day, before the crowds ruined it.

(If you didn't get that that was a joke, hither thee to Google Earth.)

Leiv is bound to New Zealand next, just as we are, though he'll be leaving much earlier in the season.   He is a sooooper-understated guy, which is something we've always liked in adventurous people.  But he let drop, when we were talking about the crossing to New Zealand, that he's been watching the weather over the Tasman all winter and has only seen two blows that he would have wanted to avoid.

Oh yeah, I asked, what's your threshold for weather you'd like to avoid?

Well, 40 knots, certainly, he said.  Anything more than that, if it blows for long, gets unpleasant.

I didn't have the heart to tell him that our threshold for weather-best-avoided is 30 knots...

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