Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Home Country (again)

Well, as you know, this is a blog about our sailing life, not about current events.

But an inescapable part of long-term travel is how it changes your perspective on the home country.  The longer you're away, the stranger that home seems.

Witness, for example, this quote about the latest Colorado mass-casualty incident, from the July 20 New York Times:

That's a widespread opinion in the U.S. - the key to ending gun violence is to make concealed handguns ubiquitous.  It's hard to imagine anything that could be more delusional.  But it is also a completely mainstream political view back home.

So, good luck to ya'll back there.  I can only hope that Alaska is refuge enough for us when we get home.

1 comment:

  1. So true, I wonder if I can actually remain a part of the Alaskan scene when I hear our local NRA idiots trumpet this same narrative. I can’t even imagine why a regular person would need a handgun, let alone a monster Glock. It just makes me sick for my country to see we have had 36 mass killings in the last 30 years.