Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, we've learned a lesson about living aboard through the winter.

When we were getting the boat ready for this season, we were concerned with keeping warm and keeping dry.  Condensation and mold forests are the killers on a heated boat.  

And we've been really successful in those terms.  The boat is toasty and, except for one or two trouble spots, free from condensation.  We had the beginnings of a mold forest around some of the portlights in our cabin in the autumn (above), but insulating those portlights took care of that problem.

But the side of living aboard during winter that we hadn't thought about was that old bane of cold climates and living with other people in enclosed spaces - getting sick.

All four of us are still fighting chest colds - little Eric hacks away in his sleep, Alisa nearly lost her voice, I've got a symphony of wheezes going on, and the day before yesterday poor Elias once again coughed until he threw up.  (Much to his delight, we let him go to school anyway.)

It hasn't really been a harsh winter or anything.  But still and all, we are beginning to long for the tropics.


  1. We feel for you. It's partly the boat, but only partly....small children and winter are a dynamite combo, and parents are close at hand to share it. Wish we could whisk you all into our relentlessly hot boat to dry out your lungs....instead, big hugs, and barrow loads of fortitude. x

    1. You're right... it's not just the boat. I have memories of thinking I should give up Kodiak winters just because of the way I wheezed through the season in our mouldy house...