Sunday, July 8, 2012


So things are getting back to normal.

We were overjoyed to have Elias out of the hospital and back on board.  But of course everyday life has a way of reasserting itself.  As soon as we were done with our celebratory meal of fish and chips, we got back to the business of living with a five year old and two year old in an intimate space - while we were all, individually, fighting a version of his chest virus.  It was easy to overlook the joy now and again.

But the main thing is that Elias is getting better, both his chest virus and his burn.  We have another dressing change scheduled for Monday, and then we're thinking he'll be able to start back to school on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, we've been passing the days with activities like getting him his first-ever professional haircut and taking every opportunity to get some food into him.

Now that this crisis is largely behind us, I'm feeling the pull of going to sea again even more strongly.

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