Saturday, June 23, 2007


Well, quickest of updates as we have been ignoring the blog for more pressing matters over the last month. I finally left the job on Monday the 18th, and if all continues well we plan to leave tomorrow (June 23rd) for Seward. Everything is very hectic, we were up till one last night working on the boat, but we've also taken time to socialize with friends in the evening. My apologies to those who came by the boat during the day in recent weeks and found that distracted, unfriendly people had taken our place, but we have really had to focus to pull this thing off.

We took a three-day trip last weekend, basically just anchored five miles out of town and worked on the boat and got the sails up on the way back to make sure everything was led correctly. We were tempted to head for Seward instead of returning to town where nothing but more work awaited us!

We think, inshallah, that everything is reasonably organized and shipshape for us to leave. And we're really very ready, as it has been hard to say such a prolonged goodbye to Kodiak and the people who are dear to us.

And this is the way a much dreamed-of day arrives, as a day like any other. Tomorrow we set sail for Australia.