Sunday, April 7, 2019

Kashevaroff Mountain

Long before we were a sailing family, Alisa and I were a young couple in love with adventuring in Alaska.

The opportunity to introduce Eric and Elias to the delights of outdoor living in the Great Land was one of the big bright sides of our return to Alaska.

Earlier this winter, the boys and I headed up Kashevaroff Mountain, one of the most accessible peaks in Kodiak. Our goal was to spend the night in a snow cave. Elias was particularly endearing in his desire for Eric to accompany us in spite of my concern over his younger brother's ability to do the trip.

Digging the snow cave.
Eric did great. There turned out not to be enough snow to dig a cave so we had to retreat back to the truck by headlamp.

Last weekend, with spring well advanced, we returned to try our luck at sleeping under nylon.
Spring in Alaska. The brown season.
Alfresco. Al dente.
Tent floors are for people who don't care about weight.
Still snowy if you go high enough.
The difference in ability between the two boys is something to navigate. Eric is doing great, and can clearly get up the mountain and spend the night, no problem. Elias, though, is ready for longer trips.


  1. Hi u all, just read Patagonia in winter.... Brought back good memories... Wondering what are you doing now, during corona?
    Xo, kestrel g&i

  2. ciao, it's Manuela from Adaro, do you remember?
    ( I can't find your e.mail.
    if you want, mine is
    I always remember the bread we did for many years with the starter of Alisa

    i hope to hear from you soon, ciao Manuela