Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Au Revoir!

Well, after Hakahetau we pulled around to the “big” village of Hakahau, still on the island of Ua Pou, and spent a very relaxing week doing not much in general. The islands were out of butane, so we had to wait for the supply ship to come in before we could fill our two bottles for the month or six weeks of cooking that lay between us and Tahiti, the next place we can stock up. For a couple of days we visited with our neighbors in the anchorage, Manuela and Alessandro from Adaro, who are expecting new crew in about six months. “That was fun,” I said to Alisa as we waved goodbye to the departing Adaro. “We got to hang out with Italians without actually going to Italy and feeling bad about our shoes.” And we met Aline and Philippe, French expats with a three year old and a five month old, and formed a fast friendship. Aline and Philippe lived aboard for eight years before the advent of kids forced them to swallow the anchor. Amazing how quickly you can establish a friendship when you’re traveling and meet someone else with little kids.

We’ve now been in the Marquesas for forty-one days. We finally got our bottles filled with butane yesterday, and plan to go back to Daniel’s Bay today for water and fruit, and then on to the Tuomotus. We hope to be in the Tuomotus for four or five weeks, and don’t expect to have any internet access while there. So this will likely be the longest spell yet without any posts on the blog. But we should have plenty to report when we get back online, so hopefully the wait will be worth it…

A Marquesan tattoo.


  1. one faithful reader wonders: how is the oil pressure now? does it still read low since your repair, as it used to when you bought the boat?

  2. I'm enjoying my travels with you so much. When my eyes are closed I feel the warm moist air and the tight bunk space. Thank you for the reality checks! But for real, I have 2 months more of this pregnancy...all going well. Otis says G'day to Elias! Best of the world to you! love, Becka

  3. Four or five weeks? Yikes! This faithful reader will be bored waiting for an update until possibly after the Fourth of July! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!