Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Surfs!

Santa came to Pelagic early this year! Alisa, with some crucial guidance by a local friend, surprised me with this red boomer. Her guide to the world of surf gear pointed out that she could get a brand-new mass-produced board imported from Asia for less than the price of this used board, but she wisely went for the locally-shaped, tons-of-soul choice. It's a long board, as you can see, which Australians universally call a "Mal", as in "Malibu". Elias, by the way, is flashing the hang loose sign.

I went surfing a few times when we were here last summer, and got more or less trashed every time. But this summer things have started to click - I can paddle around without getting exhausted, and I get up on a fair number of waves, even if I do fall off right away. I've been out on my new board four times in the week I've had it, and I can see that the day might arrive when I'll be able to call myself a surfer. Tasmania, by the way, is known to have good waves.

But now, the problem. What the heck do I get Alisa for Christmas that can compete with this? Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

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