Saturday, August 7, 2010

Seven Months

Well, it was a bit of an anti-climax when it finally happened.  I went down to the customs broker's office yesterday, paid him quite a lot of money, and received a little pile of paperwork in return.  And, voilà, Pelagic is imported into Australia, able to stay as long as she pleases, and legal to advertise for sale.

I wonder if she can go on the dole, too?

The whole process took just two days less than seven months.  It's all in the past, now, except for a snarky bill or two that I'm sure we'll get from the first customs broker, who was unable to complete the job in the five months that he was on it.

Meanwhile, the boat is in great nick as I've had heaps of time to get her up to snuff.

In that regard, I'd like to make a particular mention of the contribution made by my dad, who spent a good bit of time helping me on the boat when my folks were visiting a couple months ago - in this picture he's topping up the batteries.  Dad also helped me work on the boat when we first bought Pelagic, and he's been a big supporter of the dream all along.

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