Thursday, October 21, 2010

How'd that happen?

This one really snuck up on me: Alisa reminded me that October 22nd is the second anniversary of our arrival in Australia.

The pictures are of me raising the courtesy and quarantine flags on our arrival Down Under, and poppin' the Dom to celebrate the end of our Pacific crossing.

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  1. hello guys! i really love your blog, keeps us really up to date. reading about your whangarei trip takes me back to that time when we were there, not so long ago, but pre lali, full free spirited and all... fond memories... it is still one of the weirdest things f our trip: rowing away from our boat for that final time, after we had sold her, somewhere just up the whangarei river. hings move on, things change, but at the same time a lot stays the same, like our mindsets. good luck with everything guys, hugs from holland,
    paul and anne and lali