Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's All Good

Well, no boat in the offing and our latest short-term housing situation will end in about three weeks, with nothing secured to take its place.  Oh, the joys!  Alisa and I have agreed that if we ever swap boats again we'll do everything we can to buy the new boat before we move off the old.  Of course, we could move back onto Pelagic, but at this point that feels like a lot of effort to take a step backwards, so we're going to try to hold out for a while before we play that card.

I'm reminded of hunting deer in the mountains of Kodiak - on those days when I spent hours tramping around in the tall wet grass, seeing nothing, I'd remind myself that it just took one second for everything to change...

I also told Alisa today that I sure never thought our boat swap would put the family through such a long spell of uncertainty.

Through all this uncertainty, though, things continue to be generally great for us in Hobart.

We celebrated Thanskgiving for the first time in Oz... the last two times we just went to the beach for a barbie.  But this time we invited over two North American friends (and an Australian significant other).  Alisa baked two chickens and two pumpkin pies and the friends brought salad and ice cream and we had a great time.

And our friends Robb and Emma invited us out for a sail on their 40-footer, Aratika.  We had a great time sailing, and Elias always has a great time with their girls.

AND, my dad dropped in for a just-under-a-day visit, part of a whirlwind visit to all the Australian family over nine days or so.  Check out how sick Elias was.

Actually we've all been sick.  Right now it's my turn, and it's been going on for almost two weeks, and I missed a very very fun barbie today as a result, and I'm just about fed up with it.  Anyway, Alisa got a great "three generations of blokes" shot with my Dad.

It's all good.


  1. That young bloke Eric just looks like a mini Elias!
    The three generation shot was great.....the facial hair on the middle generation adding a touch of je ne sais qua?
    Take care guys!

  2. ooooh! hand in there folks! I am reminded of your trip upstream. you did end up going downstream, keep faith!