Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Full Crew

Alisa and the boys arrived two days ago.  I found my life partner a bit worse for wear when I met her at the airport.  The process of re-checking all her bags in Sydney seemed to have taken a particularly large toll - there was her, and the four huge duffels, and the four carry-ons, and the two car seats, and the stroller, and the two boys, all to be gotten from the curb where the cab dropped her to the check-in area inside the terminal.  All this with nary a baggage cart in sight, and a security guy warning her that she couldn't leave anything unattended while ferrying the load inside.  And, well, there was more.  When I met her at the international arrivals lounge in SFO she seemed to need to tell me every detail before she could accept a welcoming hug.

Elias started working on the boat immediately.

So when we got to the marina I showed the boat to Alisa and Elias for the very first time.  Alisa has been threatening to write up a blog post about her initial impressions, so I won't steal her thunder here.  I'll just say that the act of showing her the boat that we had agreed to buy before she even saw it was a very very special moment, long anticipated.  And like many long-anticipated moments it was just as powerful as I expected, and then quickly gone.  I made lunch, and we began to settle into the routine of our new life on this new boat.

Eric is nine months old - the same age Elias was when we moved on board Pelagic.

More soon, on both the details of our new ride and our immediate plans.

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  1. Dear Mike and Alisa, Elias and Eric,

    Congratulations on your new boat! You two are completely amazing!
    Looks like Elias is very ready to be an excellent first mate, judging from his handling of the broom.
    Alisa, I miss your mother, as I am sure you do too. Hopefully, summer will see them both back to Ohio.
    How about you? I suppose you have a lot on your plate now, but is Cleveland in the horizon for you, Mike and the kids?
    All the best,

    Anne-Marie Petros