Saturday, May 14, 2011

To My Australian Friends

Late last night when Alisa took the rental car to the store to do the final shop for fresh food, I handed her the camera and asked her to take a picture of the beer prices.

I've missed Australia in the time that we've been here in the US.  But I don't miss Australian beer prices.

So, to all my Australian friends - check this out!  A six pack of Guinness for seven dollars! A twelver of Bass Ale for fourteen bucks!  (That's about AUD $13.30.)  At these prices, why would you even consider the twelve pack of Molson Canadian for thirteen dollars?

Are you jealous yet?

And, to make things even sweeter, there's good beer here.  So, if you're feeling cheeky and want to drop nine bucks on a six pack, you can savor an icy Hop Torpedo:

Just the thing when finishing up a pesky electronics installation at one in the morning.  All praise to the Hop Torpedo!

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