Sunday, October 23, 2011

Enhanced Trades

Into the Western tropical Pacific, and things are as they ever were.

Apparently the Pacific has shifted back into La Niña conditions. What do I know, I had thought we were entering a neutral ENSO state. We had La Niña conditions the last time we crossed, and among other things La Niña produces enhanced trade winds in the Pacific. So after our day of waiting for "better" weather at Alofi, we sailed out into a front and have been booming along with a double-reefed main for two days - 185 miles, noon to noon, the first day, and 180 the second. The steep cresting seas look just like our memories of the western Pacific from the decks of Pelagic. Eric has been confined to the cockpit by the rough weather, but has only been sick once. I have been laid out a bit as well, but without the interference of the seasickness medicine have rebounded quickly.

Spurred on by Elias' enthusiasm, we cooked up the flying fish that we found on deck this morning and had it for breakfast. Not bad.

The new fishing reel that we bought in American Samoa has sat idle on the stern rail. Alisa and I have our hands more than full and have little interest in dealing with a flopping tuna just now.

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