Thursday, September 13, 2012

What I Learned

What I learned on our school holiday sail (so far):

I learned the schoolyard names that my six-year-old and his friends use on each other: "silly duffer" and "ratbag".  Very Australian epithets, those.  Of course, he says "duffa" without the r, like any Aussie kid.

He and I now have an understanding.  He can take his chances calling me a silly duffer, but I will not stand to be called ratbag by any child of mine.

I learned that I still know how to get the spinnaker up and down without too much fanfare.  (I also learned that I'm still pretty ordinary when it comes to helping Alisa learn new sailing skills.)

 I learned that kids love the beach, regardless of temperature.

I learned that kids denied the beach by inclement weather find ways to burn up incredible amounts of energy in the confines of the cabin.

And I learned that we still need a new engineer.

But more on that later.

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