Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A (North American) Review

From the latest Cruising World:


  1. Hi Mike and Alisa,
    I just finished reading your book.. Literally two minutes ago. I loved it! I think I loved it more because my two year old was running riot the whole time I read it (it was one of those great reads that you get caught up in and only took me two days). I can only imagine that same two year old on a yacht! I am a big fan of travel narratives and having worked in bookshops, have a huge collection. Your book for me, is up there with my favourites. I borrowed it from the library but will buy it this week to keep on the shelf! Congratulations on taking the huge step to follow your dream. Your are an inspiration! I can't wait to now read your blog and hope there is another book coming!
    Regards, Amy Collins (Brisbane)

    1. Hey Amy - thanks for getting in touch, I'm glad to hear the book clicked with you. Do stick around, as there should be some good stuff on the blog as we get going to New Zealand this summer...