Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa - See You In Port Davey!

The school year is over for Elias.  We're so pleased with how he did - he started the year unable to read, and now he's something of a phenom, tearing through paragraphs and chapters at will, reading aloud to us in that stilted cadence of the new reader.  And, socially, he was just another kid in the class, which is a very nice place to be if you've spent much of your life away from peers and stable friendships.

Now that school is out, we're free to sail out to Port Davey, on the roadless southwest coast of Tasmania.  Tomorrow is Friday, so the traditions of the sea (and the state of Galactic) mean that we'll have to wait until Saturday to leave.  It's easy to wait a week for good weather to get out to Port Davey, but the forecast (touch wood!) is looking very good for getting around the corner on Saturday and Sunday.  That's a snap from the Sunday forecast above - looks like a motor fest, but at least they're not calling for gale-force westerlies!  With any luck at all (touch wood again!) we should be out there and well settled by Christmas Eve morning, so that Santa can find us.

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