Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gone to Pieces

Galactic has come to rest at the Napier Sailing Club, which (spoiler alert) turns out to be a very friendly place.  We managed to get a mechanic down to the boat the very day we arrived, and within 24 hours the head had been removed from the engine (above) and sent off to the machine shop for some looking into.

We'll be here until the engine is sorted, and maybe a little longer.  We like to stay away from marinas, but after a pretty rigorous 7 or 8 weeks of travel, it's nice to be somewhere where Elias can just step off the boat when he's feeling the need for a scooter ride.

Our time here should give me the opportunity to catch up on the rest of our Southern Ocean doings on the blog (and to finish my required report on our Aucklands visit for the Department of Conservation!).

But first, I've got to get the engine block cleaned up so that it's ready for the mechanic's return...  


  1. Nice job Mike! is that a clean bed sheet the head is sitting on?
    Hope it all gets sorted soon,
    Cheers, Triddar

  2. that's the old sheet that we used to use as a barrier to keep Eric from climbing up around the saloon table!

    hope you guys are well.... shoot us an email so we have your contact info!