Sunday, May 5, 2013

No Wonder We're Tired!

We were talking to our good friends Robb and Emma a while back via skype - they headed north from Hobart on Aratika about the same time we headed east - and the question came up of how many days a traveling boat might spend sailing vs. sitting at anchor in some delightful spot.

We had never calculated our ratio of days spent traveling to days spent sitting still, but I remember reading something years ago, when I was a kid in Ohio dreaming of the sea, that a ratio of 1 day sailing to 10 days at anchor was pretty common.

Alisa and I were curious, so she sat down with our log book and figured it out.  

For our crossing from San Francisco to Hobart, from April 26 2011 until Feb 12 2012, we spent 117 days sailing (both passages and day sails) and 177 days at anchor - that's a ratio of 1 day sailing to 1.5 days sitting.  Since we've left Hobart on this trip, the ratio has been almost exactly 1:1.

We were a bit shocked.  No wonder we're so tired at times!

I'd love to hear how that ratio works out for other traveling boats...


  1. 1 day sailing for 6.5 at anchor for us and sometimes (often) we feel tired!! Interesting stats and I guess there must be quite some variation between boats.

    1. yep, probably is a ton of variation - and, as always, there's any number of ways to do it, and everyone finds their own best approach, and pace.

  2. Hey Mike,
    We're impressed with progress to date.... Go Galactic!

    1. hey guys - found your blog... ahh, San Francisco! Hope the work is as fun as the exploring the City part.

  3. Hi Folks,

    It's good to see Galactic living a great life with good people exploring new horizons. My wife, daughter and I spent a lot of time onboard as we were her second owners and resurrected her from a life languishing dockside in San Diego. Our daughter has fond memories growing up in her forepeak...the purple formica was her choice :)
    We've just found your blog and are enjoying it immensely.
    Best wishes,
    Les, Tammy and Dakota

    1. Hi Les & family - so great to hear from you, and to hear that Elias and Eric aren't the first kids to grow up in the forepeak! If you don't mind, we'd love to have your email address in case we ever have questions about the boat that we're trying to answer. Could you send me an email at mike_litzow at