Thursday, June 13, 2013

Uncle Mike

Though I occasionally stray far off topic, this blog is about sailing and traveling.  In the past few weeks we've been traveling, of course, but traveling back to see our families in Boston and Cleveland, and I haven't felt the need to post to the world about the wonderful, and wonderfully mundane, visits that we've been having.

Soon enough we'll be back in the nautical life.  On Sunday we'll depart Ohio, bound for New Zealand, with an extra piece of luggage crammed full of cheaper-in-America boat parts.  And once we're back, we'll be in the thick of it - a few days of work on the boat, a blast of the science work that I haven't finished up while visiting family, and we'll be looking to catch the first thing smoking, as someone in a different time and different place might have said.  But instead of a train to Chicago, we'll be looking for fair winds to Tonga.

Meanwhile, these pics.  When we were in Boston my Dad and I built a treehouse for my sis and brother-in-law, who have four daughters, and a son soon to arrive.  When my sis asked us to do the job, it seemed like a great way to play the role of visiting Uncle - what better thing to do than leave something semi-permanent and fun behind?  And I was reminded of my Granddad, who always had some big job ready for my Dad and uncles during family visits - he was forever dragging the men out to plant trees around the place.  And there's a certain wisdom to that - banging nails, or planting trees, is a much better way to spend time together, and visit, than just sitting around on the couch, staring at each other.

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