Friday, November 21, 2014

Australia - France

The French national team beat Australia at rugby this week.

France (l) chases Australia (r)
You might have missed that result.  We would have, except that we found ourselves in the company of two rugby fans - one French, one Kiwi - on the day the match was broadcast here in the Gambier.

A couple days later, the enormity of this outcome finally sank in.

"How could France be any good at rugby?" I asked Alisa.  We were in the comfortable confines of the Marital Seabunk, enjoying the sleepy 15 minutes of independence that we enjoy every day, between the time the boys go to sleep and the time when we nod off.

"I mean," I continued, warming to my theme, "it seems to suggest that there's something lacking in my understanding of France.  Or of rugby."

Alisa didn't have much to contribute on the theme, so I went on.

"Think about it.  France is good at so many things.  And Australia is good at so few.  And then France went and beat Australia at one of the few things Australia is good at.  Hardly seems fair."

This picture, and below - the boys discovering their rugby roots with a Kiwi
enthusiast and a French enthusiast on Taravai Island, the Gambier.  I was
safely on board Galactic, doing some science thing or another

The boys couldn't have enjoyed it more


  1. Yeah...but the Frogs have been playing rugby for EVER, Mike. They're actually quite good. I think they might have even beaten the All Blacks once or twice. They're called Les Bleus. Allez les Bleus! And Australians play so many types of football, don't forget, it's not a biggie. This time. Until the next game.

  2. I'm glad someone rose to the comment bait! Where are the all the defenders of Australian honour?

  3. Only managing to trawl through your older posts now... I believe the Wallaby team was struggling a little. Let's see how things go in the build up to the World Cup. PS: I am a South African (Springbucks) supporter. Rocco